The hallmark of Kleva Solutions is the delivery of exceptional services and solutions. This we do by continuously stimulating awareness of total quality principles amongst our professional staff and embracing change, continuous improvement, diversity, technology and innovation; we strive to ensure the delivery of ultimate client satisfaction.

 Our Mission

To develop Solutions in the entire African continent that cater for the African reality

 Our Vision

To Enable Visionary Brands move into digital age


Digital Solutions for visionaries

Our Objectives

To achieve excellence in the provision of solutions that exploit the potential of cutting edge information and communication technologies.

To provide innovative solutions to both public and private sector. This is achieved by critically analyzing the needs of our clients as they strive to align new technologies and business strategies.

To provide clients with high quality, appropriate, total Information Technology Solutions, at cost-effective rates, in time, all the time – with the required on-going service and support.

We create connected brand experiences that help brands achieve their ambitions. Our mission is to use digital to make the analog world better.

About Us

We’re an integrated creative agency. A melting pot of intuition, vision, and originality. Working closely with our clients, we never hesitate to go that extra mile for them.

We strive to partner with ambitious businesses. Our teams and our offering are constantly evolving – this means you are, too.

Our response? Gutsy, proud, and ready to take on a deadline. True character shines through when challenges arise. Our aim is to add value, which means measuring success is a priority.


4 Years of experience serving local and global Clients.


Dedicated quality assurance team to further accentuate quality norms.


We take into consideration the importance of meeting deadlines. Our projects are delivered on or before the due date. We don’t have any delay in delivering any of our projects


Our proven reliability means that you can count on us to continue delivering our services no matter the circumstances. Also, we deliver positive, rapid and the best return on investment ‘ROI’ solutions for our customers.


Through minimizing maintenance and support requirements by providing you with sustainable solutions. Our experience enables us to focus on helping our clients to achieve their missions and not just on meeting contractual requirements.

Risk Management

Identify, investigate and track project risk to ensure that trade-offs and decisions are made in an informed manner. Also, sharing the risk so that all parties have an incentive to participate in mitigating the risks and prevent negative outcomes.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our staff is the most distinguished features and we are very proud to have such a staff. They are highly qualified both academically and from an experience point of view. They are given extensive training and have state of art techniques of consultation Analysis, QA, development, deployment, training and support. We always look for commitment in the staff, dynamic character, innovation and acceleration in learning.

Strong history of excellent performance

We are IT Consultants and application development  house which provides Medium and large scale organizations with fully integrated Apple, Windows, Android and Web applications for complex environments such as  Manufacturing Enterprise  Resource Planning (ERPs), Business Management Information System, Church Management Information System, Enterprise Content Management System e.t.c.

Client Partnership

We form a partnership with our customers which ensures their participation in the development and implementation process and keep them in the loop regarding project events.

Our Kleva Process

Initial Contact & Introduction

The software provider reaches out to the potential customer through tendering, references or any other means. The provider gets to understand the client’s business industry, the business processes which will help understand the client’s needs well. With the client’s identified business need, the software provider pitches to the customer the best solutions to meet the need at hand.

Scope & Quotation

This stage has the technical team carry out a detailed analysis of the customer requirements alongside the solution to be provided so as to establish/come up with a rough idea of the solution that will serve the clients need best and the extent of the work involved.

This is then followed by preparation of an official quotation by the client as a commitment to the process to enable the technical team commence with the implementation.

Implementation Phase

With the properly defined business processes of the customer and a clearly established scope of work, the next step is called prototyping. This involves coming up with a 1st software build out that will fit in with the client’s perceived system.

This is followed by piloting which involves validating the build out a long side the set out business processes.

Installation & Commissioning

This is the final stage which in the long run entails having the expected final product configured at the client’s and is efficiently running as expected.

The built solution is taken through end-user testing; conducting a thorough end-to-end testing of the solution with every business process from every function of the company. The client’s team, which includes direct & indirect users are also taken through training on the use and finally upon satisfaction by the client, the system’s ownership is officially transferred to the client through the system go-live & commissioning processes.

The system is turned on the client’s live environment and users can transact directly.

Go-live support and continuous system support and maintenance, on-site & off-site shall be provided to ensure that the system is kept up to date with the changes in business processes and technological changes, on mutually agreed terms.


  • Secure Custom Organization Systems and Software
  • Secure Online Payment Solutions
  • Web Design
  • Web Apps and Online-e-services
  • Mobile Apps
  • Document Management
  • Workflow & Archiving Solutions
  • Process Management Solutions
  • Portals & Enterprise Management Systems
  • Hospital Management Solution
  • Enterprise Management Systems
  • School Management System
  • Church Management Systems
  • Transport & Cargo tracking System
  • Customer Relationship Management Solution
  • Human Resources Management System(HRMS)
  • Financial System Enterprise Solutions
  • Hosting Services and Domain Registration Services
  • Business/System Analysis & Design
  • Software Requirements Analysis
  • Elicitation
  • Architecture and Business Process & Workflow
  • Software Integration
  • Capacity Building & Training
  • Network configuration services
  • Security equipment
  • Servers & high end computers
  • Projectors
  • High end Printers
  • Intercom systems

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